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Apple will give developers more time to update “old” apps if necessary. The company has a policy on its App Store that removes apps that “no longer work as intended, don’t follow current guidelines or are outdated” from the platform.

If an app is at risk of being removed for these reasons, the developer is initially given 30 days to update the app. This rule has been in place on Apple’s platform since 2016, but recent criticism of the system seems to suggest that the iPhone maker has recently been more active in enforcing the rule. This led to interest in various news sites a week ago, Including The Verge

Influenced developers, such as the man behind Protopop Games, call The measures are “unfair to independent developers”. Several small developers gathered under his tweet who received the same message from Apple and criticized it. Many think that their app does not need an update and that asking for things to be updated within 30 days is too much. Update means that there is something new Objectives It needs to be achieved, which can be drafted at a faster pace than an independent developer can keep up

Apparently in interaction Apple is now creating the opportunity for more indulgence. “Developers, including those who have received a message recently, will be given more time if necessary: ​​up to 90 days.” The reasons the developers received the message were that there had been no updates for three years and “failure to meet the minimum download minimum in the past twelve months.”

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Google has Similar rules It was submitted to its own Play Store, but the consequences are much milder there: if the app was outdated in Google’s eyes, it would be hard to find on the platform, but there’s no question to remove it.

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