February 7, 2023

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Samsung promises update after misleading alleged calibration software – picture and sound – news

There have been an infinite number of lawsuits, but they have backfired. To some extent it has to do with how the company informs the customer and how the relationship between the customer and the supplier company is organized. The importance of the computer market has always been clear, as has the role of government in and on it. For companies to transfer risk, that is the whole concept of doing business.

Historically, Intel and Nvidia have always been classic cheaters in raging wars, not just standards. Restriction and abuse of power were just some of the shady business tactics condemned. Softer tactics such as infiltration, quantity discounts, performance bonuses, etc. are also not alien to the tech industry. Samsung has achieved more fame with the home phone Features From Clever– Televisions.

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You’re right, but “Consumer™”, I think you mean an influencer or a moving doctor or something like that, doesn’t have the responsibilities and obligations like a government for example. The consumer has freedom of choice. And with around 200 governments around the world and many CEOs, it makes sense to fulfill the commitments without losing sight of the requirements. You’re used to central problems, aren’t you? Market share or 80% profit margin has nothing to do with appearances. This is just normal. The most important task of the government, in terms of sustainability, is to anticipate and work well with it in terms of sustainability.

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