Andre van Doyen is open to a new love: “Would anyone want to be around me”

Andre van Doyen is open to a new love: ``Would anyone want to be around me''

Andre, who is still snuck into talking about Martin in the present tense during the interview, tells in frank conversation that he is still sad. “It’s still very sad, but you have to learn to live with it, and I do that too. Sometimes you suddenly have fits of tears when you talk about it, like today,” Both Holland BucketHonest introduction. “Everything was arranged later already, but only if you drop out, not him.”

The distraction has been his life-saving blessing in recent months. All of Holland Bakes Thinking of Holland The Great Small Train Competition; In Andre’s case, this meant a lot of work and as little as possible to look out the window behind the window, because then things would go wrong and grief would overtake him. “The longer it takes, the more you realize that there are still reasons to keep going,” the presenter continues. “A lot of things aren’t fun anymore (…) but I know Martin loved nothing more than getting life back. That feeling gives me a lot of support.”

Andrei finds it very difficult to be alone, and therefore is open to a new man in his life. “I haven’t wanted it in a long time, but now I’m open to it again, yeah. I’m about 75 years old; then you can still try to make those past years fun (…) I’ll be glad someone around me. It doesn’t have to be that At home, it can also be a long-term relationship. Someone you can go with to premieres or the movies, someone who is always there and you can count on.”

For now, gentlemen is not knocking on the door with him. According to the comedian, his fame may be intimidating people. He also does not like to get close to others. “At the same time, I think: to start from scratch with someone again, what do you put up with? Do you have a whole family, a dog, or a brother-in-law with problems.”

The full interview can be read from Wednesday at Linda..

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