Motorists complain of ‘horrific parking garage’ House | Policy

Motorists complain of 'horrific parking garage' House |  Policy

House staff and visitors complained about the temporary parliament’s parking garage. It is cramped and charging stations are not working or occupied by parking illegally.

Since the House of Representatives moved into the temporary residence at Bezuidenhoutseweg in The Hague, complaints about the parking garage under the building have been pouring in. Many motorists have been damaged because the lanes and parking spaces are narrow.

Some MPs with large cars still park in the more spacious Pleingarage in the Binnenhof, then walk to the temporary chamber building – a 15-minute walk away. “You can safely call it a terrifying parking garage,” he says one dayJournalist Joost Follings. After a while, when he was about to leave the garage, he grazed one of the walls in the bend. With damages in the thousands of euros as a result.

No sprinkler system

It’s an ’80s building and you notice it,” says Vullings. ,, The design is illogical and there are many pillars. I hear from more and more visitors that they become very anxious when they have to stand up. “Some parking spaces are closed because the garage does not have a sprinkler system. The fire brigade requires space between cars so that no fire can spread easily.

Meanwhile, residents of the house are arguing about the eight spaces in the basement for electric parking. Charging stations are not always working. An employee at Equans, the pedestal manager, confirmed last week that some of the pedestals were experiencing malfunctions.

The other poles are occupied with cars that don’t charge their electric vehicles, complains Ms. Laura Bromet of GroenLinks. I posted a photo on Twitter last week with a row of cars with no plugs at the charging station. ‘Eight points,’ said Promett, ‘and none of them were connected.’ “I still have to charge to go home tonight, so driving will be slow and heating will be.”

There are no rules for charging stations

Christian Democrat MP Henri Bontenbal informed Promet via Twitter that his car was also occupying a parking space. ‘Yes, this is my car,’ he replied. “This CDA member drives electric. Agency, etc. If you drive electric often, you know a red light means this charging station is broken. So I couldn’t load my car.”

It is not forbidden to park the electric vehicle at the charging station without plugging in the plug. “There are no rules for the use of charging stations,” a House spokesman said.

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