Andre Hazes is back in Holland

Andre Hazes is back in Holland

At the moment, Andrei did not want to answer questions regarding his return to Schiphol. With a cap on his head, sunglasses, and a mask, he rushed to the parking lot with his mother, Rachel, to leave as quickly as possible.

Andrei announced earlier that he is not feeling well. Last September, the message came through his management that the “Live” singer was struggling with complaints of emotional exhaustion and that he needed time to regain his strength.

The lack of performance and the uncertainty that the epidemic and developments in his private life have had had a great impact, according to his administration, “Andre is used to leading a turbulent life. But due to the Corona crisis and changes in his life suddenly everything turned upside down. Yet he continued to make plans all the time. Now it’s time when he takes time off and gets back fit first.”

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of speculation about the whereabouts of the famous singer. There have long been rumors that he will be in rehab in Alicante. One thing is for sure now, because tonight he’s back in Holland.

Earlier, his girlfriend Sarah Van Solen also left for Spain, where she received professional help to deal with all the media attention. Because not only the life of the popular singer, but also the life of his new love has been turned upside down in recent months.

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