Amnesty International has criticized Mexico and Argentina for voting for Nicaragua in the OAS: “Coming with victims is unacceptable.”

Nicaraguans protest in Costa Rica (Photo: Reuters)
Nicaraguans protest in Costa Rica (Photo: Reuters)

Amnesty International (AI) expressed regret this Thursday Argentina Y Mexico They will not come along Resolution of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) Condemns the arrest of enemies in Nicaragua.

“The AI ​​regrets the recent joint statement by the Argentine and Mexican governments, despite denying arrests by Nicaraguan authorities in recent days. They did not come up with a resolution of the OAS Permanent Council condemning the detentions and demanding the immediate release of those detained for exercising their rights. “, The voluntary charity said in a statement.

Argentina and MexicoAnxiety“by”Arrest of opposition political figuresBut in Nicaragua They were opposed to interfering in the internal affairs of that country, Which led to the OAS not supporting the resolution discussed in the Standing Council.

“Policy not to interfere in the internal affairs of a state does not apply to human rights violations and crimes under international law.”Erica Guevara Rosas, director of Amnesty International in the United States, told the Associated Press.

Guevara Roses Past “Unacceptable Governments of Alberto Fernandez in Argentina and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Decide not to go with the many victims of the human rights crisis in Nicaragua that started “three years ago” in Mexico.

From 2018 to May 2021, AI explained, More than a hundred are still in custody “To exercise your rights Freedom of expression and peaceful assembly ”.

“The list has grown rapidly over the past few weeks. The international community is responsible for the recent spontaneous arrests of four presidential loyalists, Nine public figures in national politics, two former NGO workers and one businessman, ”Amnesty said.

The NGO denounced that in some cases there were not even court orders and that prisoners were not arrested And unconditionally, Daniel Ortega warned of the government’s “repressive strategy”.

Despite its pre-OAS status, Mexico on June 14 announced its “AnxietyNicaraguan government arrests Sandinista opposition leaders and dissidents Five months President Daniel Ortega is looking forward to his re-election.

Mexico is concerned about recent actions by the Nicaraguan government”, The Mexican Foreign Ministry later revealed in a news release on Twitter.

This week, a 26-nation majority joined the Organization of the United Nations (OAS) on Tuesday, urging Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to “immediately” release detained presidential candidates.

The OAS approved a resolution calling for the immediate release of “presidential candidates and all political prisoners”, without naming Ortega.

The initiative, promoted by Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the United States, Paraguay and Peru, easily overcame the 18-vote barrier to gain approval with the support of 26 of the 34 active member states. Of OAS (owned by the Cuban organization, but has not participated since 1962).

Nicaragua, the left-wing government of Bolivian President Louis Ars, and Caracas’ allies Saint Vincent and the Grenadines voted against it.

In addition, five countries voted: Honduras, Belize, Dominica, Mexico and Argentina.

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