American deported to Netherlands on suspicion of contract murder | Domestically

American deported to Netherlands on suspicion of contract murder |  Domestically

One of the three U.S. suspects involved in the November 2019 contract murder in Bergen, Limburg, was extradited by the United States to the Netherlands on Monday. This was announced by the Public Prosecutor’s Association. The other two suspects are expected to be deported next week.

The three suspects, from the U.S. states of Connecticut, Mississippi and Colorado, will be brought before an unsubstantiated court in Rormand. All three were hired by a 51-year-old Swiss man who, according to justice, ordered the killing of 58-year-old German Thomas Schwartz in Bergen. The reason would be business conflict.


The Swiss now 35-year-old former U.S. deputy sheriff is said to be engaged to be a murderer. He would have gone to Bergen with two comrades to kill the Germans at his home in Roofstrod.

A major international investigation has been underway since the body was found. He was arrested in Switzerland in northern Macedonia in July 2020 at the request of a Dutch judge and then deported to the Netherlands.

Strange stories

He pleaded not guilty and pleaded not guilty to the charges. That said I just struggled a lot in this situation. He wants to issue a statement only if he is sure that it will not be published in the American media. According to his adviser Jeroen Sodman, the worst stories about him are coming out in the American media, which could be detrimental to his business and personal interests.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office on Monday evening could not say which of the three Americans was deported, from which state, or how old he was.

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