122 New Patients on Nursing Wards • OMT Member: Hospital Capacity Must Structurally

122 New Patients on Nursing Wards • OMT Member: Hospital Capacity Must Structurally

Although there are only a few dozen positive tests a day, China’s strict Corona policy will not be adjusted quickly, reporter Gary Van Pinksteren says in the paper. Radio NOS 1 news.

The country still has a zero-tolerance policy: Today, Lanzhou, a city of four million, is locked down due to six new cases in one day. Residents are only allowed to leave their homes in cases of emergency. It was announced yesterday that local governments in at least five Chinese provinces have sent out vaccination appeals for children aged 3 to 11.

“Since China does not want any corona infection, strict measures are immediately taken against it. Then there are travel restrictions again and now the Beijing Marathon, for example, has been canceled,” says Van Pinksteren.

There are Chinese experts who have said that if the number of people vaccinated increases again, the strict policy may stop, van Pinkestren says. “The first expert who said he was attacked very, very hard. Nobody thinks anything will change before the Olympics.”

According to Van Pinksteren, this is also due to the message that China has been conveying since the outbreak of Corona. “China says it’s the only country that can guarantee that there will never be a corona. They say they have a superior political system. They should change this story if the policy is modified. This is a step.”

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