Nicolette Kluijver on the last letter of Peter R. de Vries

Nicolette Kluijver on the last letter of Peter R. de Vries

One of Nicolette’s last conversations with Peter was about the reefs on Bonaire. Many cargo ships are not good for reefs so I started petitioning. Nicolette collects signatures so that the House of Representatives can support them.

“I asked Peter if he wanted to help me with that and if he wanted to sign the petition. Of course Peter just did nothing and first checked down below whether that was really the case and if I was dealing with it the right way, haha.”

And she continues: “One of his last texts after that was when will I see you again?” For recordings Expedite Robinson We’d have a cup of coffee and ride a race bike together. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen anymore.”

Peter being such a good and dear friend to Nicolette is something you don’t want to brag about. “A number of talk shows and entertainment programs have invited me to come and talk about it, but I can’t tell my story without crying. Then I find that you quickly draw attention to yourself. Peter has meant something in so many lives. I’m only a small part of it.”

On July 22 Peter R. was bid farewell at the Carré Theater, and many famous Dutchmen were invited to the funeral. They were touched by the impressive farewell.

You can read the full interview with Nicolette last time beautiful world, from tomorrow at the store.

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