January 27, 2023

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Gabe's fiancé mistook his mother and was able to leave without any problems |  Abroad

Gabe’s fiancé mistook his mother and was able to leave without any problems | Abroad

Police faultFlorida police have admitted mistakes were made in the investigation of Brian Laundry, the fiancée of murdered YouTuber Gabi Pettito. According to the police chief, officers assumed for days that Laundry was alive and well at his parents’ home. In fact, he was mistaken for his mother. “It was built in somewhat the same way,” a police spokesman explained.

The North Port Police Department has kept a close eye on Laundry’s childhood home after her family reported the disappearance of his girlfriend, Gabe Pettito. Two days after this report, officers saw 23-year-old Laundry leaving in an unknown direction in his Mustang. Two days later, the same officers thought Laundry had returned. This is also evident from a press conference given a day later. “I’m just saying we know where Brian Laundry is,” he said firmly.

Now it turns out that the police may have made a huge mistake. The person who returned to the Mustang wasn’t Laundry, but his mother who was wearing a baseball cap. When she reported the loss of her son, the police learned that she was wrong. “It was a huge surprise to us that his parents never saw him again,” police spokesman Josh Taylor told US media. “We thought we saw Brian come back. We now know that wasn’t true.”


Laundry’s remains were found last Wednesday after a week-long search at Carleton Swamp Nature Preserve, not far from his parents’ home. His backpack and notebook were also found. The search was made more difficult by the treacherous conditions, as the area was filled with water that is also home to snakes and crocodiles.

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The coroner was unable to establish the cause of death, which could be related to the condition of the remains. Port North Police spoke of “bones”. The remains will now be examined by an anthropologist. Depending on the study of the skeleton, they can sometimes reveal more information. Laundry was identified by his teeth.

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no funeral

The parents’ attorney told Fox News that there would be no funeral for Laundry. Chris and Roberta Laundry want their son’s body cremated “when the time is right”. In a statement, they asked for privacy so they can safely process the loss of their son.

Laundry and Pettito traveled across the US for months and wrote reports on Instagram and YouTube. After Laundry returns alone to his parents in Florida on September 1, Pettito’s parents report their daughter’s disappearance. Soon, Laundry disappeared. According to his parents, he did not return from a camping trip. Several weeks later, Pettito’s body was found in Wyoming. It appears she was killed.

The cause of Laundry’s death has not been determined. What exactly happened between the couple is still a mystery to investigators at the moment.

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