AMD Radeon RX 7600 review

AMD Radeon RX 7600 review

As a new affordable video card, the Radeon RX 7600 should complement AMD’s existing range, but with the introduction the manufacturer is making a rather impressive leap. After the high-end RX 7900 XT and XTX comes the much lower positioned RX 7600, while rival Nvidia has expanded its range of RTX 40 cards incrementally downwards. AMD doesn’t follow this path, jumping from cards that suggest retail prices around a thousand euros to a more affordable model that should cost 299 euros.

We haven’t seen a competitor to the RTX 4070 yet, and now a card from the Radeon camp is being placed under the recently released RTX 4060 Ti. The RX 7600 has a number of similarities to the new GeForce, such as a 32MB cache, 128-bit wide memory bus and 8GB of GDDR6 running at exactly the same speed. also The total strength of the board It is almost equal between the two. The Navi 33 GPU on the RX 7600 is slightly larger at 204mm² than the RTX 4060 Ti’s 190mm², but the production process is different too.

The similarities to the now-great RX 6600 XT are also great, aside from the newer architecture and slightly higher memory speed, only the larger number of transistors stands out. Also, the Navi 33 GPU on the RX 7600 is still just a monolithic chip, while the RX 7900 XT and XTX are split into gcd surrounded by separate mcd’s. So the new RX 7600 is very similar to the RX 6600 XT and will therefore have to show its added value primarily with the newer RDNA3 architecture.

The MSRP for the RX 7600 was $299 a few days ago, but AMD has lowered it to $269. For the Benelux, this means a suggested retail price of €299, which is €90 less than the original RX 6600 XT’s in-store price.

RX7600 RX6600XT RX6600 RX5600XT
building RNA 3 RNA 2 RNA
GPU Navi 33 Navi 23 Navi 10
die size 204 mm² 237 mm² 251 mm²
transistors 13.3 billion 11.1 billion 10.3 billion
manufacturing process TSMC 6 nm TSMC 7 nm
arithmetic units 32 32 28 36
stream processors 2048 2048 1792 2304
Game / time increase 2250/2625MHz 2359/2589MHz 2044/2491MHz 1375/1560MHz
robs 64
memory 8GB GDDR6 @ 18Gb/s 8GB GDDR6 @ 16Gb/s 8GB GDDR6 @ 14Gb/s 6GB GDDR6 @ 12-14Gb/s
memory bus 128 bits 128 bits 256 bits
memory bandwidth 288 GB / s 256 GB / s 224 GB / s 288-336 GB / s
Infinity Cash 32 MB 32 MB g
tbb 165 watts 160 watts 132 watts 160 watts
release date May 25, 2023 August 10, 2021 October 13, 2021 January 21, 2020
Recommended launch price 299 euros 389 euros 345 euros 305 euros

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