AMD: Bethesda could add DLSS to Starfield if it wanted to – Gaming News

I’m really curious about some of your claims…

But let me do that first, logic dictates that if there are conventions about DLSS and such a question is asked in the media, don’t answer it directly
1: Because you run the risk of being labeled a liar if it turns out later that you didn’t get the details right.
2: Or, even worse, give a certain interpretation of the “terms” of the contract.. Because if there is ambiguity about the interpretation of the contract, you look at the text of the contract, if that is not clear enough, then at the conduct and statements of the company in similar cases, then to what other companies in the market usually do. By claiming publicly in the media, no, it is only permitted. Do you actually explain the contract if there are some small rules but other than that you can do whatever you want.. while the virtual explanation is more… well if our implementation comes first and works really well then you can and it better support other technologies as well.

That’s a big difference.

Where does your claim that a lower amount would be paid if DLSS is also supported comes from, which is a mystery to me, in fact, this is in principle potentially anti-competitive behavior and could be punished by market authorities in this market. There, too, the above claim seems to have become more true, perhaps people want exclusivity but at the same time they don’t want proprietary investigations in a nutshell. First, if you still have time left to figure it out, it’s a pretty safe compromise.

Moreover, you claim that DLSS is superior and has an 83% market share among gaming PCs.
A: Why do you think it’s superior, who says it is, and how do I measure that claim.
B: What is the definition of a gaming PC according to you, after all, AMD has been cheaper for a while with their mid and low end cards than Nvidia, and then you have the market share of consoles (also only just gaming) and if you count it, it’s probably dlss has a share of less than 30% (gut feeling) but even if you don’t count consoles, I’d be surprised it would be over 65%. According to you, eight out of 10 gaming PCs in use today have an RTX generation video card.

I dare say that even if you omit the entire AMD lineup and thus measure only nvidia cards, more than 30% of all current gaming PCs still have a GTX card. Think gtx970 10×0 and 16×0

You might think/mean very high the share of gaming PCs in a particular game, but it may be mainly because people with other hardware simply don’t buy that game. But if we were talking about Start-up Citicen, it would be insane to choose Nvidia since it is primarily an AMD focused game.

In short, without any explanation or sources, I think you’re basically telling a monkey sandwich.

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