Amalia hugs her “cocktail horse” and Loretta fumbles with a dog’s name | show

Amalia hugs her "cocktail horse" and Loretta fumbles with a dog's name |  show

animal byteShort updates from the social media stars on Animal Day: We love it. In the Animal Day edition of Showbytes, program editors on the web search for the craziest, most beautiful and eye-catching posts from Dutch celebrities and celebrities around the holiday. This article is updated throughout the day.

Produce Montero The brown labrador actually gave Coosje as a husband gift, but now Antje and Coosje are a golden duo that even wear matching jewelry.

If you go to the size of a neighbor’s dog Rudolf van Veen See, you can almost say that the TV chef nourishes him daily with extra growth factor.

Lauritas The dog, named Zorra, once went through his life with a different name.

animal you can attend Nicolette Van Damme Feel free to change it up for zoo day, because every species – from bearded dragon to dog – can now be found in her home.

While many animals are put in the spotlight today, a dog Meryl Westrick No need for all that attention at all.

Other dogs take a nice picture, like Morris Waynes.

In the royal house, they don’t let the day of the animals pass. mojito, horse Princess Amaliaequally well in the spotlight.

On Animal Day, you should put your pet in the spotlight, but Martin Koning Instead, point the camera at itself.

Animal Day is a day when clichés fly around your ears. See here, “Everyday is an animal’s day” post from Suddenly Lorenz.

Marek Singja Helping every animal lover remind them today that the animals at the shelter deserve all the love and attention.

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