Aegon wants to focus on growth in the US with a new logo

Aegon wants to focus on growth in the US with a new logo

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Insurer Aegon wants to focus entirely on growth in the US. Aegon announced at an investor day on Thursday that the U.S. branch, dubbed TransAmerica, is to expand. ASR’s takeover of Dutch insurance operations will be completed within weeks, after which Aegon will begin rewarding investors. Additionally, Aegon has outfitted itself with a new logo for this transition.

That logo still features a slightly slanted square and the company name, but the square is now black with multi-colored stripes. The name is also written in a rounder font.

Aegon aims to grow in the US by expanding Transamerica’s network of consultants from 70,000 to 110,000. Those consultants not only sell products from Transamerica, but also from other companies. At the same time, Aegon’s American branch will take over many things, such as the design and production of new financial services. Support for vendors and customers will also be given high priority and will no longer be outsourced.

Aegon wants to grow in retirement with Transamerica. The company already arranges the funding side of several pensions in the US, and sees even more opportunities in that market as the US approaches an aging population.

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