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Why would it be a smoke screen? It fits in well with the Chinese scenes. I can only imagine that this is one reason to deal with Hawaii. The acquisition of corporations by their own employees should be a dream for Western oligarchs.

Personally, I support a community where people are as entrepreneurial as possible. Or by participating in companies that work as independent entrepreneurs or with others. It seems to me a better idea than for companies to become an expansion of shareholders, they will kill profitable companies willingly to invest their money in other profits, thus affecting the livelihoods of thousands of people.

What we see is that, like the big landowners of the past, when a small group of capital owners comes to power, they turn their power into more and more employees in order to wield power over them. They are increasingly increasing the bias and independence of the people in order to stop them through fear.

It is noteworthy that the idea of ​​shared ownership of companies exists only among external shareholders. It makes a lot of sense that those who participate in production also have a share in ownership and therefore profit.

Employee income is not taken from profit or profit reserves, but we now see the strange inversion of what is considered an expense. Financial expenses are paid as income to capital providers.

I think it is very logical to allow people to enjoy the income of their own creations. If they do better, they will earn more and build more institutional reserves. When I was younger, the generally accepted idea was that the primary purpose of any business is continuity. After all, it was a source of income for his people.

By focusing on the shareholders behind the investment companies, humanity will also disappear from the system. People think of it as a negative one: costs. Artificial law firms that maximize unrealistic profits want to reduce themselves to a competitor for profit.

I don’t think this is a healthy starting point for a society that causes a lot of suffering.

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