Actor Eric van der Donk (92), known from Oud Guild, has passed away

Actor Eric van der Donk (92), known from Oud Guild, has passed away

Her family announced the death of actor Eric van der Donk at the age of 92. Van der Donk has been active on stage, television, and films and has received numerous awards during his career.

In 1978 he was awarded the Louis d’Or Medal for his role as Girolimo Spanish brabandar from Bredero. Eighteen years later, he won the Golden Calf Award for his acting performance in the film The longest journey, based on the kidnapping of Gerrit Jean Heine. In 2010 he received a Royal Award.

Van der Donk began his career on stage, but became known to a wider audience when he co-starred in the television series. In the late eighties he was seen in a chain of hospitals West Medical Center. Ten years later he played the role of Splinter Bussink in old money, about a bank manager who steps down but struggles to hand matters over to his son.

He also appeared in skits by Nucleus And in several films such as Max HavelaarAnd Piece of bread employment the crown. He played one of his last roles in 2012 in the TV series line 32About a bus crash in Amsterdam.

The last weeks of his life, Van der Donk resided in a nursing home in Arnhem, According to Volkskrant.

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