The Ascent for PS4 and PS5 Received Certification in Taiwan – Games – News

Cyberpunk The Ascent may come to PlayStation 4 and 5. Gematsu discovered that these two versions of the game have appeared with the age rating authority in Taiwan. The game is currently available for Windows and current and previous generation Xbox consoles.

Gematsu . reports Who discovered it on Twitter. The information appears to come from Taiwan entertainment software rating, but whoever is now searching for The Ascent of H2 Interactive will not find the same results as in the screenshot. The data may have been taken offline after it was discovered because it was there so early. The Ascent is now published by Curve Digital. H2 Interactive is believed to be the publisher of the PlayStation version in Asia.

The game has not been officially announced for these platforms. The developers acknowledged the demand for the PlayStation version, but they did She said “I don’t have anything to announce yet.” It is possible that Microsoft has set an exclusivity period, during which it is also possible that no information about the PS version will be provided.

The ascent is a Dual stick shooter With a cyberpunk theme. In addition, it has many RPG elements that make it different Builds And there is support for collaboration, both locally and online. The game also got some cosmetic DLC recently. Thus, the game is only available for Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, and Xbox Game Pass.

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