A wife discovers her husband’s bitcoin safe during a divorce

A wife discovers her husband's bitcoin safe during a divorce

New York divorce proceedings went differently than expected when an accountant discovered the pair’s hidden stash of 12 Bitcoins (BTC). I was shocked by this discovery, as the coins represent a value of approximately $325,000 at the current Bitcoin price.

The woman had no knowledge of cryptocurrency investments

The couple had been married for 10 years, but after a few months of divorce proceedings, I noticed something wasn’t right. Under a pseudonym Sarita made The Woman Known to CNBC that her husband’s reported assets did not match his alleged annual income of $3 million.

She therefore suspected that her husband had not disclosed all his assets and appointed a forensic accountant. I was surprised when I learned about the secret cryptocurrency wallet And He told CNBC the following:

“I had heard about bitcoin and things like that, but I didn’t know much about it. I never really thought about it because it’s not like we discussed it together or made investments together. It was definitely a shock.”

As a result of the discovery, the woman’s husband will be forced to give up part of his bitcoins. It is often very difficult to attach a wallet to a person. This makes it even more special in the current case that the accountant was able to track the bitcoins.

An American divorce where 1,000 bitcoins were at stake

It seems that “coded divorces” are becoming more common. In February, there was another well-to-do couple from San Francisco defective, detached. A protracted battle ensued over the division of all property. The man was found to have bought 1,000 BTC in 2013, which is worth $27 million at the current price. In the end, the man was ordered to pay his ex-wife $6 million for his negligence in publicizing his crypto assets.

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