Instead of ‘Eviva España’ Imca Marina sings ‘No (Transavia) Plane to Spain’

Instead of 'Eviva España' Imca Marina sings 'No (Transavia) Plane to Spain'

The ninth season of Dutch TV’s “Even tot Hier” ended on Saturday, May 20. Nils van der Laan and Jeroen Wu had a visit from singer Emka Marina as a special guest. The 82-year-old Dutch singer sang “Eviva España”, but with a different text to mock Transavia’s problem by saying “No plane to Spain”. Watch the video of her impromptu performance at the bottom of this article (and sing along!).

We recently wrote that Spanish singer Manolo Escobar sang the (unofficial) Spanish national anthem “Y Viva España” for the first time in 50 years, now it’s time for Dutch Imca Marina who wrote her version “Eviva España” in 1972 they sang for the first time (followed by other songs Such as “Holidays over”, “Manuel”, “Bella España”, “Fiesta nuda”, “Flamenco español”).

Now 51 years later, the Dutch singer has sung one of her most famous songs again to mock the cancellation of her Transavia flight on the comedy TV show “Even tot Hier.” Naturally, the text was modified and a new title was invented with “No Plane to Spain”.

It’s expected to be a summer cracker because if Transavia keeps canceling flights to Spain, this will become the new anthem for the Dutch airline’s passengers.

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