A very popular statue of a young black woman in Rotterdam. So this is it, Roseanne Hertzberger-Jupp

A very popular statue of a young black woman in Rotterdam.  So this is it, Roseanne Hertzberger-Jupp


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The new statue containing moments for Rotterdam Central Station is very popular. that reports RTV Rijnmond. Ever since the photo of the black young woman was revealed on Friday, she has been raving about fans. If you want to have your photo taken with the bronze giant, you have to stand in line and wait for your turn.

Rijnmond paints the atmosphere around the statue:

When a passerby calls the statue “very beautiful,” most of the passers-by nod in agreement. The man continues in amazement and seems to understand: “Normally bronze is very hard, but this statue is cast very softly.” Another adds, “I get to town.” Two men walking next to each other do not stop, but notice each other: “She is very beautiful.”

The statue was created in 2022 by British-Caribbean artist Thomas J. Price. The statue in Rotterdam is part of a series of black men and women cast in bronze, named Every Man and Every Woman by the artist himself.

Already at last Friday’s unveiling, there was a lot of praise for the photo, including from Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Abu Talib, who already predicted that it would become “the most photographed place in Rotterdam”. Another visitor to the statue told Reynmond that she loved the fact that she recognized her daughter in it.

The fact that Hertzberger was not criticized by the many portraits of unknown white men or Harry from The Hague, who represented the woman standing in front of Rotterdam station, with his hands in his pockets, was met with much criticism. Journalist Tara Lewis wrote of Joop: “With this column, in which scorn drips from sentences, Hertzberger proves that the battle is far from over.”

Hertzberger’s colleagues were also of the opinion that she was deeply mistaken. What’s called Peter Van Os She is “a not too old woman performing the wrath of a curious white old man on a statue in which there is nothing wrong”. Quinn Van Zul He commented: “A recent statue in front of Leeuwarden station of two people ‘achieving nothing’. Haven’t you heard of Roseanne Herzberger. Well, you know why.”

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