Zero emission zones in the city from 2025: This is what the transitional arrangements look like

Zero emission zones in the city from 2025: This is what the transitional arrangements look like

From 2025, there will be zero-emission zones in Amsterdam: only non-polluting vehicles will be allowed from that moment on. It will take until 2030 before the last polluting cars are banned for these areas, because transitional arrangements have been made for existing vehicles. Today councilor Melanie van der Horst (Traffic) announced how it works.

Initially, emissions zones will only apply to cars whose license plates will be established after 2025. These license plates are registered when a vehicle enters the zone. If you enter a vehicle that is not permitted according to the rules, the owner will be fined.

The size of the zones varies by vehicle type. In the case of bicycles and scooters, this applies to almost all of Amsterdam, with the exception of Landelijk Noord. For vehicles with four or more wheels, the area within the ring is an emission-free zone.

So there will be a transitional arrangement of existing vehicles. According to van der Horst, people who are not yet ready for a new car or scooter should be given more time.

“I think it’s important to provide clarity and perspective of the business to the owners,” said an alderman. “The broadest possible support package contributes to accelerating the transition to zero-emissions mobility.”


All of these transitional measures mean that it will take longer for the city’s emissions to drop. Emissions from taxis and vans are not expected to decline until 2028. In the case of trucks and buses, it will take until 2030.

No emissions-free zone has yet been designed for passenger cars. The municipality wanted to introduce one in 2030. Now van der Horst says there is no possibility for this at the moment, because there are no national regulations for this yet. The local council member confirms that the municipalities are “committed to the national frameworks” when introducing environmental zones and emission-free zones.

The most important actions at a glance

to passenger cars So there will be no emission-free zone for the time being. However, it must be cleaner than 2025. From that moment on, only cars with emissions class 5 or higher are still welcome. Old, polluting petrol cars are being phased out by adjusting the parking policy. Higher environmental requirements are set for the application of new parking permits.

Amsterdam residents with low incomes will be offered a compensation scheme. A total support amount of €1 million will be provided for this purpose.

Bicycles and mopeds With combustion engine and first entry date (DET) from 1 January 2025 is prohibited in the entire built-up area (except Landelijk Noord). Those who had a motorcycle from after January 1, 2011 can use it until 2028. Motorcycles with a DET after January 1, 2018 will still be allowed until 2030.

Existing Taxis They are only allowed from 2025 if they fall under at least emissions class 5. These cars may continue to drive inside the ring road until 2027. Taxi with emissions class 6 will have them until 2028.

to Trolleys The same regulation applies: Existing vehicles with emissions class 5 can continue to drive inside an A10 until 2027. With emissions class 6 you have it until 2028.

Trucks Must have at least a 6 emissions class at the turn of the year in 2025. Box trucks may be 5 years maximum; Tractors up to 8 years old.

also for Boating fun An emission free zone is applied in the central area. For existing vessels, there is a transition period of 5 years from January 1, 2025.

Center area refers to the area within and including the Singlegracht. An exception is made for shipping routes via (Kostverlorenstraat, Amstelroute), the western Singelgracht (between Kattensloot and Hugo de Grootgracht), the eastern islands and the Nieuwe Vaart.

to Buses and public transport buses No plans have been made yet. According to the local councillor, agreements are in place with the national government and Royal Dutch Transport, representing the bus sector.

Agenda for the full implementation of emissions-free mobility Amsterdam is here to read

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