A sample of Enya’s song is a hit for the third time, but this unknown band beats it all Displays

A sample of Enya's song is a hit for the third time, but this unknown band beats it all  Displays

to creep in by Metro Boomin, The Weeknd and 21 Savage in the Top 40 for the third time in the top three built around the same sample, “borrowed” from Enya Follow Favorite. It is rare for a single song to be so productive. However, one single from 1969 beats it all.

In 1987, Enya put it on her debut album. boadicea, a song very popular with its vocals, but it did nothing in the charts as an original. The Fugees made Melody World famous for their use of the ready or notMario Winans (with P. Diddy rapping) sampled the song I do not want to know Both songs reached the top three on the Hot 40 chart. next alternative, creep inI also reached this milestone today.

Enya’s debut album © M

Banana song

Although re-using well-known pieces of music is common, it is rare for three different genres to achieve such success. endless From Guru Josh (2000, 2008 and 2022) they reached the top three positions in the top three as well as the Jamaican Today ya (banana boat song) It led to success three times in André van Duin’s releases (banana song)lobo (caribbean disco show) and Konkarah/Shaji in 2020 (banana).

However, in quantitative terms, all of this reuse doesn’t come close to being the most sampled song ever. Amen brother By The Winstons isn’t a title that rings a bell with many people, yet this song deserves that honorary title. According to the specialist whosampled.com, part of the song has been reused no fewer than 6,054 times. In particular, it’s about a seven-second “naked” drum piece, with some nice rhythmic variations. That period Amen brother It wasn’t even released as a single. was the b side of Father colorwhich became an American hit in 1969 and even won a Grammy Award.

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And it was just with the makers of this song that the cash register didn’t ring. Drummer Gregory Coleman, the man who wrote history with his usual drumming, ended up being homeless. He died in Atlanta in 2006. Richard Spencer, leader of the Winston band, sometimes chafed in later years at plagiarism, as he called the Samplers. At the same time, he was also flattered that the song was recycled several times.

Among the songs that are pieces of Amen brother User, there are many hits and the difference in styles is awesome. what about laboratory (snow) , Straight from Compton (NWA), fire starter (marvel), You know I’m not good (Amy Winehouse) OR Have you ever mellow Who are the party animals? The most beautiful non-threatening title is for German producer Daniel Rosenfeld who is the brains behind the song under the stage name C418 If you don’t know what to do just steal a break amen.


Hasn’t anyone looked back at The Winstons, who didn’t have millions of dollars up their sleeve? In any case. In 2015, sadly just after the death of drummer Coleman, British DJ Martyn Webster and Steve Theobald started a fundraiser for bandleader Spencer, who died in 2020. They raised £24,000. Did some of that also go to The Impressions, where Gregory Coleman also played drums? There were samples from two of that band’s songs in… Amen brother.

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