Celebrities don’t dare reject HLF8 for fear of John de Mol

Johnny de Mol in HLF8

The reason why Johnny de Mol, though little seen, often gets lovely guests on his HLF8 talk show, is because celebrities fear the grudges of his father, John de Mol. “They can’t refuse.”

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It’s clear to everyone that Johnny De Mol won’t be doing a second season of his talk show HLF8, because viewership numbers are too low for that. However, the current first season may end after the end of the year. Despite those low scores, Johnny often has cute names sitting at his talk show table.

afraid of john

Business Class star Harry Means has an explanation for this, he told New Revo. According to him, celebrities do not dare to say no at all, because then John de Mol gets angry.

Harry: “I have to tell you frankly that I still love the new Johnny De Mol talk show. That’s because it has guests you wouldn’t have if you weren’t John De Mol’s son. People can’t refuse, or else they’ll argue with John. That’s also the basis for making your show. .I believe in him.”

Jink the best

Who does Harry think has the best guests? “If you take the talk show lineup, you’ll see it’s the same everywhere. Same topics, same guests. It’s a battle for current events, with Jenk probably being on the leading set.”

What is his opinion of Khaled and Sophie? I think the one sitting there, the lawyer (Khaled Qasim, editor), is a nice boy, but he doesn’t keep asking. A book sits in front of him and licks everything. That’s how it goes with most talk shows. People are tired of that. Personally, I prefer watching RTL Boulevard and I don’t like it.”

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