January 27, 2023

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Rumor: Nvidia delays GeForce RTX 3070Ti 16GB and GeForce RTX 3080 12GB – Computer – News

Speculators have a bigger problem buying cheap cards that are immediately put up for sale at a higher price.
In addition, I believe that miners may buy fewer cards due to the upcoming transition of Etherium from PoW to PoS, making Etherium uncut.
The question is whether Ravencoin can handle this supply to miners.
In addition, there are miners and miners, I buy my cards myself, when I buy them (definitely not monthly), on the other hand, not all miners buy a pallet full of cards.

In addition, Nvidia is also the problem with introducing more and more new models that show marginal improvement.
This gives you many models, but the production of these chips for all models with that specific chip remains the same.
Thus, there are fewer numbers per model per day/week/month, since there are more models.
This also puts you in a bind as a buyer, because if you want a regular 3070, for example, and you don’t have the budget for a more expensive version, fewer copies are made than this because the manufacturer now also includes the 3070, 3070 TI and all other models, it will also release the 3070 TI 16 gigabytes.
You are in your queue for the 3070 standard, the waiting time of which is extended by the new 3070 TI 16 GB version, because that also needs to be done, so the 3070 can be reduced.

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