A rapist who left Saskia Norte doubting herself: ‘Emotional manipulation’

A rapist who left Saskia Norte doubting herself: 'Emotional manipulation'

Stromboli The film revolves around a woman who encounters her ancient demons on the Italian volcanic island of Stromboli. Elise Shabb plays the lead role. When Saskia sees the movie for the first time, she has to cry a lot. “I was so moved that I can’t judge whether this applies to everyone or just me,” the writer says of that moment. “It’s about a topic we haven’t talked about in a long time, there are sore points.”

Saskia doesn’t want to talk about it to save her parents, she tells the magazine. The fact that she confronted the teenage offender with what had happened and dismissed it as a fabrication also plays a role in her decision to keep her mouth shut. “After that visit, I thought: I’ll never say anything again,” said the best-selling author. “What he did was emotional manipulation by misrepresenting the truth. When he said that didn’t happen, I started to really doubt. While I knew everything too.”

However, I decided Stromboli To tell her story, because, according to Saskia, “the only way to change something.” The 55-year-old says in the interview that a number of people already know what happened, but it was never talked about. When her daughter turns 14 and the writer begins to share her own experience with her, she realizes that she must seek help. She gave me a mirror.

You can read the full interview now dragonfly.

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