CZ increases the basic premium by 3.75 euros, ‘care limit reached’

CZ increases the basic premium by 3.75 euros, 'care limit reached'

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CZ customers will pay €138.25 per month next year for the most preferred basic insurance, the third largest health insurance company in the Netherlands announced today. This represents an increase of 3.75 euros per month.

At the same time, CEO Joep de Groot warned that it was no longer possible to ensure that health care was always available to all. Health insurers have a duty of care, but according to him, the limits of the health care system have been reached.

Not only is the affordability limit on the horizon, the expected staff shortage will also increase in the coming period. For example, more care needs to be provided with the same number of people, according to CZ.

As a result, long waiting lists in healthcare can no longer be eliminated, says De Groot in telegraph. “I cannot guarantee that health care is always available to everyone. In fact, I think I can almost guarantee that it is not.”


De Groot says a large part of the private reserves have been used to limit the increase in the premium amount as much as possible. Last year this amount was 250 million euros, now it is less than half; 110 million euros. “These reserves have limits.”

The level of reserves is partly related to the results of investments. For example, there was a huge loss in investments this year, De Telegraaf writes.

However, the chairman does not believe that this will have any serious consequences next year. But in the long term, he thinks, something will have to be done to keep rising health care costs and health insurance premiums under control.


De Groot says health care has also reached its limits in terms of supply and demand. “Because of the aging population, the demand for care is increasing. But there are no more people who can provide that care. Soon we will have to provide more care to the same people. This is a problem. The urgent need to organize care differently,” says de Beig.

Just last month warned The Dutch Health Care Authority (NZa) says healthcare has reached a critical point. As the demand for care increases, so does the supply and scarcity. Thus, access to care is no longer a norm, according to a report in which NZa analyzes the performance of our healthcare system.

Tomorrow other health insurance companies will come up with their premiums for next year. In September, health insurer DSW announced that the basic premium would rise by €9.75 per month. The monthly premium in 2023 at DSW is 137.50 euros.

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