Apple iPad (2022) and iPad Pro (2022) review

Apple iPad (2022) and iPad Pro (2022) review
  • Apple iPad (2022)
  • Apple iPad Pro (2022)


With the iPad (2022), Apple breathes new life into the iPad – without the suffix with an updated design. The tablet has a fast color screen, good system performance, and long-lasting supported software. Unfortunately, the battery life has deteriorated compared to before. Compared to more expensive models, it is also stripped; The screen features lower contrast, lower color coverage, and a non-glare design for lower viewing angles. The entry-level iPad also has fewer accessories, like the outdated first-generation Apple Pencil that had to be shipped awkwardly and a less pretty keyboard. All this until then if the iPad (2022) remains a true entry-level model. However, the starting price of 589 euros rises to nearly 1,000 euros for the more expensive version counters this.


The iPad Pro (2022) 12.9″ is the best tablet you can buy right now, but whether it’s a good buy is questionable. It’s much more expensive than the iPad Pro (2021), which is already quite a lot plus innovations compared to the older model are limited. The 2022 model features With a faster trick and an easy-to-use swipe trick, which comes in handy when using the Apple Pencil. Both are good to use and can be used to make a difference. The iPad Pro (2021) was also incredibly fast and had almost the same specs, including an advanced small LED display with excellent HDR image quality Extending the image to an external monitor also comes to the old device.

after the big iPhone introduction In September, Apple often takes advantage of fall to introduce a few more products in time for the holiday season. A batch of new Macs based on Apple’s new M2 soc was expected in October, but it’s up and running Unlike that. Fall 2022 will bring only two new tablets: iPad (2022) And the iPad Pro (2022).

Apple iPad (2022) and iPad Pro (2022) 12.9-inch

The iPad Pro is the absolute top model in Apple’s tablet lineup, and in some ways so fast and sophisticated, it’s almost ridiculous. The iPad Pro (2021) It was already the fastest tablet on the market, and in the 2022 model, Apple put together a better community: the M2, which you can also find recently. MacBook Find. The large 12.9-inch model subject to this review still has a high-end mini LED display with more than 10,000 LEDs, super-fast Wi-Fi 6E, 5G and Thunderbolt connections, and roughly 16GB of RAM. And a storage capacity of up to 2 TB. All of these devices are housed in an ultra-thin 6.4 mm sheet of glass and aluminum. It may cost a little. And Apple’s price increases in Europe this year were not lost on the iPad Pro. From this year’s WiFi model, you still have the 5G variant with the same storage capacity as last year The most expensive model Until he breaks the threshold of 3000 euros.

Better Budget Model

Despite the hardware violence of Apple’s flagship tablet, the new iPad without the suffix is ​​more interesting. The cheapest series of fruit brands have led a bit of a weak presence in recent years, old-looking housing overhauled with a slightly older soc, some new software, and a new here and there feature from one of the more expensive models. The iPad (2021) As the last Apple device, it had a physical Home button, which is one of those old buttons that you can actually press. A relic of the past is the 3.5mm jack, which you’ll only find on Macs.

With the iPad (2022), Apple is finally updating its base model by providing it with the new design that has been successively introduced in the Pro, Air and mini-series in recent years. This means a more compact and thinner chassis with a screen with well-rounded corners. The panel is surrounded by a narrow, symmetrical screen bezel without a home button. At first glance, the iPad (2022) looks very similar to iPad Air (2022) from this spring. Unfortunately, the price is there as well, which is a bit at odds with its status as an entry level model. Even the cheapest iPad (2022) sells for at least 589 euros. If you order a more luxurious version and some accessories as well, for example the new Magic Keyboard Folio, you will easily lose more than 1,000 euros.

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