A Moroccan restaurant in America is in conflict with influential “Poupette Kenza”.

A Moroccan restaurant in America is in conflict with influential "Poupette Kenza".

January 11, 2023 – 4:00 PM – World


Moroccan restaurant Dar Yemma, located in Astoria, USA, is the victim of a campaign of harassment by French influencer Kenza Pengriff, known as Boubad Kenza and with over a million followers on Snapchat.

A disagreement between the managers of Dar Yemma and Kenza Benchrif, known online as Poupette, is said to be at the root of the harassment campaign. The restaurant reportedly refused to pay the French influencer 2,500 euros in compensation in exchange for ad hoc Snapchat stories about the establishment during his visit to New York in December. The New York Times.

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The restaurant’s co-owner, Saber Bouteraa, in a conversation with American media, says that in addition to negative reviews, the restaurant has also received hateful messages on Instagram from France.

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A few days ago, Kenza Benchrif posted a series of Snapchat videos that raised the tension. Videos deleted by him but archived on TikTok by his fans. Without naming the restaurant, reports said the influencer suggested that Dar Yemma’s manager’s wife tried to kidnap him. New York Eater. Saber Boutera denies these allegations.

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