8/4 wake-up call: Zelensky receives von der Leyen • Esmee’s death case begins

8/4 wake-up call: Zelensky receives von der Leyen • Esmee's death case begins

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What do you expect today?

  • The man imprisoned for the murder of 14-year-old Asmi appears in court for the first time. It is a preparatory hearing in the Hague Tribunal. The man who was a gymnastics teacher for the Esmus Athletic Association, accused of murder or weight loss, was already formerly known
  • President Zelensky and European Commission President von der Leyen meet in Kyiv. The meeting was also attended by the European Union’s external affairs coordinator Borrell. This is the second time in the war that Zelensky has visited foreign political leaders.
  • The World Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships begin in Montreal. Multiple Olympic champion Susan Schulting wanted to defend her title in Canada, but the Dutch had to miss the tournament because Positive corona test.
  • Tonight is the official opening of Boekenweek in the Escape in Amsterdam. Boekenbal’s guests of honor are Boekenweek authors Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer and Marieke Lucas Rijneveld. The ball was canceled last year due to the Corona crisis.

What did you miss?

Morocco and Spain Reopen immediately The maritime and land borders between the two countries. This was decided by Moroccan King Mohammed VI and Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez during a meeting in Rabat. This puts an end to a year-long diplomatic crisis.

This conflict revolved around the reception of a prominent member of the Polisario independence movement active in Western Sahara. And that member was transferred to a Spanish hospital due to being infected with the Corona virus, but Madrid did not inform Rabat about this. Moroccans were angry about this because they considered the Western Sahara their territory and saw the Polisario as an enemy.

The two countries’ decision is good news for European Moroccans who go on holiday to Morocco by car via Spain. Every year about three million people cross this crossing.

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