3 high-quality watches for less than 200 euros

3 high-quality watches for less than 200 euros

With real watch brands, you quickly think Rolex or Omega. Great, but what if you don’t want to smash an annual salary on a wristwatch? Fortunately, there are also affordable watches from quality brands. We have selected three for you.

By the way, we are not exaggerating. In fact, we underestimate the cost of the exclusive watch. Take Virgil van Dijk’s new Patek Philippe, for example. This watch costs a lot more than what Jean Modal sees appearing in his bank account every year.

Affordable watches from A.

Of course you will also find beautiful watches for less than 1000 euros, although you have to be vigilant. There are many fashion brands that sell watches in addition to jeans and perfumes. Here you are mainly paying for the logo, not the craftsmanship. In many cases, the inside of these watches is a fairly simple quartz movement from China.

Shame, because there are so many affordable watches from brands that matter in the watch world. Although you will mainly find quartz watches for these amounts, there are also automatic machines for these amounts.

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1. Citizen NH8390-03XE – 199 euros

We start with a citizen. The Japanese brand has been building affordable watches since 1918. That is NH8390-03XE With automatic movement. It measures just 40.2mm in diameter, which makes it a small watch compared to other automatic machines.

affordable watches 1
(photo: The Citizen)

2. Casio A159WGEA-1 – 60 euros

Casio is a respected name and makes watches at very affordable prices. For example, look at a file A159WGEA-1, where you pay only 60 euros. Not a lot of money, but keep in mind that many Casio devices are pretty narrow. If you throw weights at the gym every day, you may find this watch a bit small.

Affordable watches
(Photo: Casio)

Don’t worry about the lifespan, the battery easily powers the digital watch for over seven years. You should go a little gold too much You can, of course, order it in silver.

3. Seiko 5 – 169 euros

In Seiko 5 form, we close with another automatic. The specific model we are highlighting is SNKL43K1. Just like the Citizen, the Seiko with a case diameter of 38mm is small for an automatic machine.

Affordable watches
(Photo: Seiko)

Its price of 169 euros makes it one of the cheapest automatic watches on the market. In addition, the complex movement indicates more than just time. The day and date can also be read on the dark blue dial.

Less expensive hours

All three of these affordable watches you can buy blindly. For these quantities, there is very little that can match these wrist watches. Furthermore, with Citizen, Casio, or Seiko on the dial, you don’t have to worry about quality.

Worried that one of these affordable watches won’t impress you enough on the golf course and are you looking for something more affordable? Don’t worry, at Manners we also write regularly about expensive watches like those of Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes.

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3 high-quality watches for less than 200 euros

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