“Apple employees are suspicious of glasses: a solution in search of a problem”

"Apple employees are suspicious of glasses: a solution in search of a problem"

There have been rumors of one for years Apple smart glasses. This rumor is getting more and more shaped: it will be a ski goggle-like headset that will map the world around users with cameras and sensors and blend it with the virtual world. With dial-up, users pump the amount of “shimmer” in the real world into the virtual world.

The price of the glasses is said to be around $3,000. The unveiling is expected in the summer.

Practice should indicate the usefulness of the glasses

Meanwhile, Apple was going to offer the glasses to its 100 most important employees, according to reports bloomberg. Many of them were practically looking at the glasses and realizing it wasn’t going to be an instant hit like the iPhone. One might expect a relatively slow start, with unclear implementations and, above all, no clear goal. It is noteworthy that glasses cannot be worn by glasses: after that, special lenses with strength must be put into them.

Practice should then show that glasses are useful, because developers make apps and users create with them. The same thing happened with Apple Watch, which was not well received at first, but has grown into a sales hit over the years. The Apple Watch, for example, did well last year 60 percent of total smartwatch market revenue, and continues to be a growing component of Apple’s profits.

Doubt: ‘solve in search of a problem’

Some current and former Apple employees write that they are more conservative about the glasses New York times. The newspaper spoke to eight employees worried about the high price, questioning the viability of the glasses and fearing for the unproven market. Some employees are said to have quit Project Presentations over these concerns.

Apple will consider three uses for the glasses: video calling with virtual avatars, 3D photo and video editing, and personal 3D cinema. According to The New York Times, this means that Apple’s first glasses are primarily aimed at the business market, which is amazing for a consumer brand like Apple. According to the skeptical staff, the glasses would essentially be a solution to a problem that didn’t exist, or at least that wasn’t specified clearly enough.

Jony Ive put a beautiful picture.

Five years ago, Apple would have presented its Spectacles plans internally in a grand manner. Then Chief Design Officer Jony Ive showed the top 100 Apple employees a concept video for the glasses. A man could be seen in a London taxi, calling his wife in San Francisco through glasses. The man asked, “Would you like to come to London?” Moments later, the two exchanged the view of London through the man’s eyes.

With this point in sight, Apple would have set in motion, but the practice turned out to be more stubborn. I have since left Apple. Recently, stories have surfaced of Apple designers preferring to wait with smart glasses. The technology will not yet be advanced enough to make their vision a reality in a way that will gain wide enough acceptance.

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