2022 NFL Draft: Rank teams with two first-round picks by who gets the most value in return

2022 NFL Draft: Rank teams with two first-round picks by who gets the most value in return

The 2022 NFL Draft is unprecedented in the sense that the league quarter has no selection for the first round. Some wealth was already redistributed, as Philadelphia relinquished its first-round pick to New Orleans in exchange for future compensation. Here are the eight teams selected twice in the first round ranked from best to worst in a position to make an impact in late April:

1. giants (No. 5 and 7 in general)

The Giants are in a position to pick twice within the top 10. There has been some buzz that they are looking to step back and receive compensation in the future, but the tango requires two. Fortunately, there is reason to believe that some teams might be interested in moving up to fifth or No. 7 overall if one of these remaining contestants is still available or someone is desperate to step up to the quarterback. The Carolinas are believed to be the team most likely to take the quarterback in sixth place overall.

In an ideal world, the Giants would keep one of these options, go back to the first round and earn draft capital in the future to be more flexible should they need a quarterback next year. If the suitor does not appear, his consolation prize adds two excellent potential firsts as edge climber, offensive tackle and linebacker.

2. Planes (No. 4 and 10 in general)

The conversation surrounding the Jets is similar to that of giants. They can look to add choices in future classes if another team is interested in stepping up. At the very least, they should get two difference makers. General Manager Joe Douglas is likely to fish in the same waters as the Giants interested in offensive handling, rim rims, corner rims, and perhaps a wide receiver.

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3. Texas (No. 3 and 13 in general)

Texas is a blank canvas on which General Manager Nick Caserio has been assigned to make his first stroke. They finally moved from quarterback Deshaun Watson They are now armed with the capital project to start rebuilding. They’d be a huge beneficiary of teams that take back players in the top 10 because that pushes the perceived excellent talent into 13th overall. It could become a valuable exercise for Houston if left with the safety of Kyle Hamilton and nose tackle Jordan Davis to choose from in 13th overall. While both are great players that deserve early consideration, how much will either of them affect this franchise in the near future?

4. black (No. 2 and 32 in general)

Detroit is on opposite ends of the spectrum in the first round. Scheduled to be the second option at night, the Lions will wait until the end of the night before choosing another. Detroit should basically pick every player available in the draft second overall, so it’s hard to fail at that. One factor that is discussed lightly is the value of that public pick #32. With Thursday night drawing to a close, teams can look at how the first round appears eager to advance and take a player they lust before bidding again on Friday night. It could also be a destination for a team applying to take the quarterback with the idea of ​​getting a fifth year option. Lions have a lot of influence.

5. the Eagles (No. 15 and 18 in general)

In a period of five selections, Eagles and . are found saints To be selected four times. Philadelphia is ahead of New Orleans both times, so it was clear that it would rank higher on this list. The Eagles is another team facing the potential dilemma between need versus value. Linebacker and wide receiver are not positions that have required a first-round pick in recent years. The team has a need in both positions. It can also look at tackling rim lunge, defensive tackles, and a full back. These jobs are more valuable when considering the long-term salary requirements.

6. The Saints (No. 16 and 19 in general)

Perhaps New Orleans should rank lower on this list when considering What you gave up for a first-round pick from Philadelphia. However, it all depends on how the 2022 season plays out. If the Saints end up with the 24th pick overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, it won’t be a franchise loss. If it ends up being selected in the top ten, it will be a huge loss for New Orleans. He should be able to get some quality players into positions of need such as offensive tackle and wide reception.

7. Packers (No. 22 and 28 in general)

Green Bay doesn’t have an early pick, but two picks in her twenties give her some flexibility to move around if she so chooses. Packers really need two wide receivers early on, but it would be surprising if they didn’t take at least one. It boils down to taking quality players on rookie deals while the team tries to balance out the massive salary cap that the quarterback has hit. Aaron Rodgers.

8. heads (No. 29 and 30 in general)

Kansas City will be hard pressed to do worse of these two options in terms of venture capital, but it made the most right decision parting with a wide receiver Trek Hill right Now. There is no substitute for Hill in this draft class, but chiefs can add two squad builders when needed or perhaps use both to trade and get one of the elite wide receivers. Like Green Bay, they have some flexibility without sacrificing future goals.

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