DJ Reader: All the Bengals want is right in front of us

NFL: OCT 10 Packers at Bengals

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The Bengals lost to the Jets in Week 8 and Brown’s Team stuck them in Week 9 in a pair of results that dropped them from the AFC darlings to the deep pool of teams battling for the playoff position early in the second half of the season.

The third loss in a row this week will not come as the Bengals are in a farewell and a defensive line DJ player He said the break had a lot of players “looking at themselves in the mirror” before returning to the field. He also noted that the Bengals will have everything in their hands once they return to work.

“We have a bunch of AFC opponents remaining,” Rieder said, via the soccer team’s Laurel Fahler. Dayton Daily News. “everything We want right in front of us. Everyone we play is in our section. Whoever sits with us at 5-4, we have to play with all these people. It’s an exciting feeling. You know it’s all about you and you’d rather get it that way and then sit there and hope you lose a bunch of teams. It’s such a hard feeling when you have to sit there and hope that this will happen and this will happen, we have everything in front of us. It means a lot as a player because you know it belongs to you. This is the way you want it.”

The reader is right about how the table is set up. The Bengals play the Raiders in Week 11 and they also have games with the Steelers, Chargers, Broncos, Ravens, Chiefs and Browns. All of these teams have winning records at the moment so every win the Bengals can score will have a huge impact on the battle for the AFC Qualifiers places.

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