2021 Golden Glove Award Winners Announced

2021 Golden Glove Award Winners Announced

The winners of the 2021 Golden Glove were announced tonight, with plenty of red cardinals amidst the gold. The Cardinals became the first team with five players ever to capture the Golden Gloves, underscoring the massive, all-around defensive effort that helped St. Ironically, the only Cardinals player not to win is the group’s most crowned name – a nine-time winner Molina runs.

The A’s, Royals, Astros, and World Series Braves have all had multiple winners, with each club featuring two Gold Glovers. Ten of the eighteen winners earned their first Gold Gloves, though some veteran winners continued to shine. The most prominent multiple times winner is Nolan Arenado, who became the 23rd player to win nine or more Gold Gloves in his career. Arenado still has plenty of time to continue its rise to the top of the all-time list, however catching 16-time winner Brooks Robinson for his third all-time base record could prove to be a difficult task even for Arenado.

Below is the full list of winners, as well as the other finalists for each position….

NL catcher: Jacob Stallings, Pirates (first golden glove march)
Molina runs/basics, JT Realmoto/ Phyllis

First NL rule: Paul GoldschmidtCardinals (fourth)
Freddy Freeman/ brave, Max Muncie/ Dodgers

Second NL rule: tommy addictionCardinals (1)
Ozzy Albis/ brave, Colton Wong |/ bruer

Third rule NL: Nolan ArenadoCardinals (ninth)
Mane Machado/parents, Ryan McMahon/ Rocky

NL Shortstop: Brandon CrawfordGiants (fourth)
Francisco Lindor/ mets, Kevin Newman/ pirates

Left NL field: Tyler O’NeillCardinals (II)
David Peralta/ Diamondbacks, AJ Bullock/ Dodgers

NL Center Field: Harrison BaderCardinals (1)
Jackie Bradley Jr.
/ brewer, Brian Reynolds/ pirates

Right field NL: Adam Duval, Braves/Marlins (1st)
Mocky Pets/ Dodgers, Mike Jastrzemsky/ giants

NL jug: Max Fried/ Brave (II)
Zack Davis/ cubs, Zach Wheeler/ Phyllis

Al Catcher: Sean Murphy, athletics (1)
Martin Maldonado/ Astros, Salvador Perez/ Royals

first rule: Yuli GourielAstros (I)
Matt Olson/ Athletics Jared Walsh/ Angels

Second rule: Marcus seedsBlue Jays (1st)
David Fletcher/ Angels Wait Merryfield/ Royals

Third rule: Matt Chapman, athletics (third)
Jose Ramirez/ guardians, Joy Wendell/rays

AL shortstop: Carlos CorreaAstros (I)
GB Crawford/ Mariners, Andrelton Simmons/twins

left field: Andrew Benintende, Royals (1)
Randy Arosarina/rays, Lourdes Gurriel Jr.Blue Jays

Center area: Michael A. Taylor, Royals (1)
Kevin Kiermayer/rays, Miles Str/ Guardians

Right field AL: Joey GalloYankees/Rangers (2nd place)
Renfro hunterred socks, Kyle Tucker/ Astros

Al Jar: Dallas KeuchelWhite Sox (5th)
Jose Perios/ Blue Jays and Twins, Zack Greene/ Astros

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