Ziggo raises prices for a basic ‘hidden’ internet subscription

Ziggo raises prices for a basic 'hidden' internet subscription

Ziggo has significantly increased its “hidden” Internet Basic subscription costs in recent months. According to TotalTV The package costs €32.50 in June, €35 in July and suddenly now €40.

With a basic internet subscription, you get 50 Mbit/s in download speed and 20 Mbit/s in upload. In principle, the TV is not included, but since everything goes through a coax connection, you will receive all unencrypted channels (something Ziggo does not advertise itself, of course). So the subscription can be used as a cheap internet + TV package.

Ziggo has a basic internet well hidden. There doesn’t seem to be a logical way to find it on their website; It does not appear on the package pages in any way. At 40 euros, the package is now very close to Internet Start (100 Mbit / s download for 43 euros).

For new customers, the subscription seems to have little good reason. Existing internet customers will only continue to pay the old rate of €35 if they adjust their internet speed to 50Mbit/s. This does not apply if you downgrade from another subscription model (such as All-in-1 or Internet & TV). When you downgrade, you conclude a new contract, and now you only pay 40 euros per month.

Ziggo’s Internet Only and Internet Basic subscriptions are not listed.

TotalTVAnd the Ziggo

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