Zelensky unlikely to leave US empty-handed • Russia denies Andriivka restructuring

Zelensky unlikely to leave US empty-handed • Russia denies Andriivka restructuring

The European Commission has withdrawn import restrictions on Ukrainian grain. Last spring, the committee banned Ukraine from selling agricultural products such as wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. That criterion from yesterday from the table.

The European Union’s executive committee has imposed a ban on relatively cheap grain from Ukraine to prevent it from flooding markets in the five member states. Ukraine has been exporting more grain via the European Union since Russia blocked Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea. In addition, Brussels exempted Ukraine from import duties. Ukrainian grain was allowed to be transported to Europe and other parts of the world.

In exchange for lifting the ban, Ukraine has promised to take its own measures to prevent farmers in neighboring EU countries from being able to sell their own produce. Within a month, Ukraine will set up its own export licensing system. Until then, the country is ‘taking effective measures to prevent market disturbances in neighboring Member States’, the European Commission said.

And yet Poland and Hungary in particular are disaffected. In recent days, both countries have strongly opposed the European decision not to extend the ban. In fact, Poland has declared that it will continue the ban independently. “We are doing it in the interest of Polish farmers,” Polish Prime Minister Mateuxz Morawiecki said today. The European Commission has always said that such a single action cannot be allowed.

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