Yvonne Coldeweijer has a leading role in Hunted Vips | An investigation show with an army of spy displays

Yvonne Coldeweijer has a leading role in Hunted Vips |  An investigation show with an army of spy displays

After candidates Dylan Urcadol and Guido Speck tried to mislead the hunters in the previous episode, the team led by former detective Marcel van der Veen becomes an additional target for the cast. The two friends took a photo and bystanders posted it on social media. However, a different location was indicated than where they actually were. But then this plan exploded in their faces.

Hunters visited the passers-by and soon discovered that they had been deceived. In addition, now they also knew approximately the whereabouts of Yurkadul and Spek, but this was not enough. After the juice queen Yvonne Coldfire has already intervened in the course of the program, it is decided to ask for her help and thus help the spy army of these two fugitives.

After a visit from the hunters, Coldwire places a call on her juice channel to search for Yurkadul and Spek. With success: Tips quickly poured in about the two. They also find out after a call with assistant and good friend Patty Bradd. However, she couldn’t do much for them, because the spy army visited a few hunters during that phone call with the showbiz singer.

Horrified, Urcadol and Speke quickly move to end up in a Frisian restaurant. There they felt safe and accepted an offer from one of the staff to spend the night with a friend in Exmora. What they didn’t know was that an employee excitedly shared this in a group app. From there it was directed to Koldoyer, who passed the site on to the fishermen.

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After turning the flight mode of one of the assistants’ cell phones on and off, the fishermen were also able to find out the exact address. Urcadul and Speke stood no chance against the two arrest teams that were waiting for them at the front and back doors. Caught Helped Fear Many Celebrities: Yvonne Coldeweijer.

The episode was watched by 757,000 people, marking the thirteenth spot on Monday’s list of top-watched programmes.

Watch videos of the show and entertainment below:

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