March 29, 2023

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Apple again tests fast iOS security update – Computer – News

Yeah, but wait a minute, you’re short-sighted here, right? iOS vulnerabilities are often more harmful and difficult for Apple to fix, which is why Apple needs this β€œnew” update method.

Safari, iMessage, and others are interwoven into the operating system, something Windows hasn’t learned since XP with IE6 and Android not doing either. So Apple has to do something to fix things better. It is no coincidence that the Android vulnerability bonus is Higher payout Then get iOS.

The vulnerability in iOS, especially Safari and iMessage, is simply more serious and more likely to lead to data loss. A hole in Chrome/Edge/Webview on Android is relatively harmless unless you have a whole series of exploits. This series with iOS could be much shorter.

The Chrome/Edge/Webview update with Android goes through the Play Store, as do a fair number of security updates. So many devices also get it faster. If you want to update Safari or iMessage, you have to do an OS update and it takes longer, riskier and slower. This has become a major weakness of iOS and also the reason for the aforementioned lower bonus for iOS compared to Android.

Besides, of course, a more secure Android automatically means more focus on iOS as a goal, with consequences.

So it’s not true that there are fewer issues with Android than iOS, but you can’t say anything about the damage and given the work Apple does for it, the bonuses and weaknesses in Apple’s software architecture that have been identified by enough security researchers, I really dare not say that iOS is more secure than Android. Often the opposite. Remember that Google and especially Samsung have worked hard on Android security, right? Apple has actually basically stood out in this area. You used to be able to do everything on Android, which is really different nowadays.

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