May 29, 2023

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Yvonne (54): "I can't complain, I guess" |  salary

Yvonne (54): “I can’t complain, I guess” | salary

salaryhow much do you earn? We ask a Dutchman this every week. Today: Yvonne, 54, works 31 hours a week as a clerk in a sheltered workshop, tying flowers.

What do you earn?
“I won 1,585 euros net and that’s a total of 1,698 euros.”

Happy with – cheerful who?
,,Yes and no. I know that people in sheltered workplaces don’t earn that much and I don’t think I can complain. Fortunately, I live on the cheap: I bought my house on time, I have solar panels, so the energy costs aren’t too bad and I don’t have a car.”

What are your secondary employment terms?
I receive €52 travel expenses per month and a year-end bonus of €700. This is beautiful. And if I want flowers, I get them for the purchase price.”

Have you negotiated your salary?
No, I don’t have that. 27 years ago I started working here. My aunt worked in the management of this workshop and knew that I suffer from the workload of the normal business, so she said: Isn’t it good to come and work here? I applied and was accepted.”

So you’ve been in the flower industry for 27 years?
Meanwhile, she worked on loan for another 17 years. In a law office mailroom. I often ride my motorcycle back and forth between the court and the chamber of commerce. Eight years ago I could go back to flowers, I chose the love of the profession. As a little kid I was already putting my hands in the green.”

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Eight years ago I could go back to flowers, I chose the love of the profession

Have you ever tried to negotiate?
“No, I dare not. I already negotiated my hours, because I wanted to work less. I went from 36 to 31 hours. My living costs are not high, so I succeeded financially. So I thought, why not?”

Do you know what your colleagues earn?
“No, nobody here tells each other that. And I don’t dare ask.”

do you want to know?
“In principle, yes, I am curious enough about it.”

How do you see your future?
I can continue to work here. Enjoy the flowers and have a lot of fun together. I am really happy to have such a nice atmosphere here. As long as I have fun.”

Are you earning enough iPhone?

Age: 54
Number of years of work experience in this position: 10
Number of working hours per week: 31
Education: mbo
Position: Sales Representative/Employee
Industry: retail
Number of employees: 200
Country of residence of the head office: Netherlands

According to the salary guide, the average salary for a similar job is 1,566 euros. “Weird, I didn’t expect that. I always thought that someone in a sheltered workshop would earn less.”

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