Canal house Amalia turned into a fortress! | a story

Canal house Amalia turned into a fortress!  |  a story

It won’t be long before Princess Amalia, 18, unloads her carriages in this beautiful building and begins a vibrant student life. According to the original schedule, Amalia has already reported to her new home in the Amsterdam canal belt this week to participate in the preparatory weeks of the ASC/AVSV Amsterdam Students’ Union. Perhaps that means the work will be completed a few weeks before the princess really has to work in Amsterdam. Here she will start her PPLE (Psychology, Politics, Law and Economics) study on Monday 5th September.

Princess’ proof

The building where Amalia will be living with some of her fellow students/girlfriends is already against the princesses. “It didn’t take much to do,” one rented builder told Story. It was still neat actually, we painted some walls, removed some stains and that was just about it. After today he is also ready for us.


One of the most important things this painter did in the Student House for the future queen was paint the front door. Necessary even for its own safety. The truth is that the door to the building where Amalia will live was the only door in the area that was red. All other homes have a green version. By also coloring Amalia, it is difficult for malicious parties to find their home. And of course, many measures were taken to increase the safety of the princess. For example, two cameras were suddenly hung on the front end that scan about 360 degrees to detect danger. Advanced locks are also installed that make a regular home key unnecessary, but they work using a magnetic card and/or facial recognition.

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Photo: Peter Smulders

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