Yuri Mulder on a roll in De Oranjezomer about the fall of the government

Yuri Mulder on a roll in De Oranjezomer about the fall of the government

Youri Mulder is someone a viewer might not have immediately come to expect as a regular guest on the talk show before the show even started orange summer. But the ex-footballer was really there last night (and the evenings to come). He immediately made fun of things, for example about the VVD and the moment when the cabinet was knocked down.

We usually only see Yuri Mulder analyzing football on talk shows. With Hélène Hendriks on SBS6, the former FC Twente and Schalke 04 player can highlight many other topics. Although he immediately indicated that he hoped his talk show skills wouldn’t compare to another famous TV face, his father, Jean Mulder, every night.

It was last week orange summer Also an old football face on the table. This was Rafael van der Vaart, who mainly came to prominence in a discussion with cycling commentator Roxane Knetemann.

Johan Dirksen appears briefly in De Oranjezomer

One of the topics last night was the VVD and the fall of the government on July 7th. Still, Yuri Mulder was surprising in the least. This topic was suggested by host Helen Hendricks, who made a video for indoors todayShow man Johan Dirksen. Dirksen celebrates a TV-free holiday in his hometown of Grolloo until the beginning of August. Hendrix: „Just imagine Yuri. You are locked in Grolloo’s mancave and all the news comes to a head. And you’re not there…you’re eating yourself.”

“Finally, something happened in the Netherlands, and then I can’t lose shit,” says Johan Dirksen in the video. Anyway, came the shit: “I think France Timmermans’ disaster will be greater than Mrs. Cage’s.” But: “Sometimes it’s nice to be on vacation for a while. If you watch TV every day, you also have the problem that people will say, ‘Oh, there’s that mustache again.'”

Yuri Mulder suddenly comes out of the corner

“How do you actually view Gohan?” Hélène Hendriks wants to know who Youri Mulder is. “Sure” is the response. “Because Johan says what’s on his mind. There aren’t many in the Netherlands, so I’d like to take a look at that.” But then Yuri Mulder almost suddenly: “I was wondering… Maybe you can tell me Raymond (political scientist Raymond Means, ed.), am I not a VVD spin doctor?” Man: “It was.” Mulder again: “They believed in the VVD after all: ‘Johann Dirksen is not on TV… We will now start the government crisis.'” It cannot touch us in the coming weeks.”

Uri Mulder says it with a smile and Raymond Means also sees the humor in the assumption: “Well, Johan Dirksen’s influence reaches quite far. It could be, but I don’t think that’s the case. Especially since Mark decided then, of course, that he wouldn’t continue.” Another guest, Frits Barend, adds “Mark Root?”. “Mark Rutte, yeah, sorry,” says Maine. Hendrix: “He could say Mark.” Finally, Means: “Of course Dirksen will respond very positively to that, because they also said it directly to him (Mark Root, ed.). You would actually say: Then you must do it right if VI I’m still here.”

Divided opinions on Youri Mulder

Viewers loved it orange summer Yuri Mulder’s successful debut actually? Yes and no, because opinions on social media were completely divided last night. One Ineke didn’t feel like she was searching for something herself: “Who is Youri Mulder?” Someone with a positive no-nothing name that Dan Peceri thinks is just “boring bullshit.” Linda really liked “Joeri” again and…well, for the next four episodes, you’re going to think Youri Mulder.

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