Tim Hoffman: ‘Recordings make John de Mol’s statement waver’ | stars

Tim Hoffman: 'Recordings make John de Mol's statement waver' |  stars

The first episode of season 8 Angry It begins immediately with a warning and a short summary of the episode the sound They were made in January. The introduction ends with the interview with John de Mol, where it can also be seen that De Mol indicates that he wants to participate in a possible follow-up episode. It is now finally there.

Tim Hoffman continues the episode with a confrontation with John de Mol that also took place in January. Hoffman told him that another woman was going to stand up to report the infringing behavior, a report that John de Molle should be aware of, according to Hoffman. Although De Mol Hofman asks who he is, he denies the existence of anyone other than the only case discussed earlier.

“And that’s what we need to talk about,” Hoffman says. The presenter explains that he did speak to several sources in January and that he knows of several reports, but is unable to discuss this broadly with De Mol without revealing those sources. According to Hoffman, several women could have contacted the editors right after the broadcast. They were angry and surprised, because they too had already informed their supervisors. Didn’t that pass on to John? Or did John not tell us the truth,” Hoffman wonders.

Reporter Jordi Verstigden watched the broadcast and told him what shocked him. The text continues below the video.

audio tape

Tim Hofman shows an audio recording in the broadcast in which a conversation between the “employee” and the “person in charge” can be heard. This conversation is said to have taken place after the January broadcast. This shows that both people are very surprised by what John de Mol said in the first broadcast, because according to them a lot has happened. Also referred to is Rick Brug, who was formerly employed by Talpa and is now part of the management of ITV, the current audio producer. According to the “person responsible”, Rick would have understood nothing of the course of events.

So the anonymous callers report that Rick and Lind de Young, Creative Director, went to John de Mall with complaints from employees. John de Mol had already indicated in the previous episode that these two people came to them, but according to his statement, it was only about the candidate’s complaint.


The contactable says in a telephone conversation that “the ball has already started to roll because a candidate has knocked on the door”, but at the same time finds it strange that an investigation is conducted only after a candidate complains and not when the employee is preparing a report. In the conversation, it can also be heard that there will be no fewer than four reports of cross-border behavior by Rietbergen, of which De Mol will be aware. Furthermore, these women could have been fed that this would never happen again.

Hoffman says he has several app conversations that support the above. According to Hoffmann, things are described in it as well which De Mol also referred to in January. Remarkably, Hoffman says, this app conversation is from a woman de Mol says he had no knowledge of.


“So what are the two scenarios left after hearing the stories combined with this tape that we have? One of the scenarios is: John didn’t tell us the truth during the conversation in the previous broadcast. He says he knew about one woman, we actually spoke to two women and on the tape the person who can contact is talking by four women.

According to Hoffmann, another possible scenario is that de Mol was actually only reported by Rick and Lind with only one report, the candidate’s report and nothing about the other women’s report. He concludes, “This means that John did not tell us the truth without his knowledge.”

Hoffman also wants to know exactly how the fork works. “Why is it so important that we know exactly what’s going on? First of all, the women who approached us don’t feel that either ITV, Talpa, or John are being taken seriously. It hurts. And the sum of all I just heard could also mean that Talpa and The Voice It was run for years by executives who didn’t take complaints about sexually abusive behavior among employees so seriously that they intervened in a timely manner. Not to have filed with the owner of the company. Until a candidate from The Voice rang the bell…”


Unlike in the first episode, John de Mol decided not to cooperate this time. This was requested by Lieutenant Colonel Tim Hoffman, because according to him, new information would show that De Mol was aware of more than one case of abusive sexual behavior by Rietbergen. De Mol has been granted access to this information and has decided not to comment on this basis.

On Wednesday, he issued a statement saying he was “stunned by the false accusations.” “We sent a transcript of a secretly recorded phone call and some apps. An anonymous and edited transcript of a taped phone conversation. Partly because of this, the conversation was barely intelligible. This made it difficult to respond.”

Moreover, according to de Mol, the texts he saw did not provide concrete evidence for the accusation that he was aware of further reports. “In addition, this relates to a secretly recorded conversation between an unknown person and a confidential advisor about the activities of that confidential advisor,” de Mol continued in his statement. “Given the importance of confidentiality to the role of the covert advisor, we have serious reservations about this situation. The applications we have seen do not provide any new information. Overall, there is no concrete evidence for this accusation.”

A spokeswoman said Thursday they had “nothing to add” to Wednesday’s statement.


In January let Angry Many women talk about sexual misconduct behind the scenes of The Voice of Holland. Nineteen women told Hoffmann their story about squad leader Jeroen Rittbergen, fifteen women about a manager and two women told that they had filed a complaint against coach Ali B. After the broadcast, more women went to the police.

At the end of April, it was announced that the Public Prosecution Office had opened a criminal investigation in response to these reports. A spokesman said on Tuesday that the investigation was still ongoing. He cannot indicate when more clarity will be available.

Here John de Mol is cast as a liar, says Everett SanCredits in a new episode of the Strict Private mini podcast:

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