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Snazzy Labs’ YouTube channel has managed to get the Mac Mini in a smaller form factor. According to a YouTuber, the Mac Mini can easily be made a lot smaller, because Apple’s new M1 chip is more efficient.

Snazzy Labs thinks Apple could have done more with the form factor of the fifth generation Mac Mini. The computer as of 2020 has an M1 chip and due to this processor’s lower power consumption, the Mac Mini could have been a little smaller, according to the YouTuber.

Now go there Rumors Apple will release a new Mac Mini on March 8th. Since it’s just a rumor, Snazzy Labs decided to modify itself and install the Mac Mini in a smaller case. To do this, he first removed the large CPU cooler and 150W power supply from the device. These components are similar to the previous Mac Mini with an Intel Coffee Lake processor. That’s where the gains come in, according to Snazzy Labs, because Apple’s M1 chip doesn’t need that much cooling and power supply at all.

The first thing that should clear the field is the CPU cooler. YouTube enables Mac Mini to run even without this fan. Then the food had to count on. Snazzy Labs shows that the Mac Mini requires a maximum of 68W, even with peripherals. So it replaces the relatively large power supply of an external adapter on the Microsoft Surface, which it then connects to the Mac Mini with its own adapter.

For the new housing, the YouTuber uses a 3D printer. Next, it was a matter of getting all the ingredients into their assigned residences. The result: a Mac Mini contains just 28 percent of Apple’s design content, according to Snazzy Labs. You can look at his whole process YouTube channelwhere he also shares the design of his small bag.

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