John Lennon’s Peace Song Hears Across Europe for Ukraine | Displays

John Lennon's Peace Song Hears Across Europe for Ukraine |  Displays

More than a hundred radio stations in Europe have the number simultaneously on Friday morning Give peace a chance by John Lennon. The channels did this as a message of hope to the people of Ukraine.

In the Netherlands, stations such as NPO Radio 2, NPO Radio 4, and NPO 3FM played the song from 1969. The peace song has also been played in countries such as Belgium, Germany, and Bulgaria. Ukraine itself was also one of the 25 countries where the song could be heard.

call for Give peace a chance Which will take place across Europe on Friday came from RadioEINS from Germany. On Monday, Talpa radio stations already had the same idea. On its own, the song started simultaneously on 538, Radio 10, Sky Radio, and Veronica Radio. A Talpa spokesperson said it was “gratifying” that other radio stations had now done so. Musical amenities, providing support and delivery. Through this initiative, we are allowing music to speak across Europe: Give peace a chance

next Monday Dutch radio stations Together in action for the Giro 555.

In 2020, a song can also be heard on the radio all over Europe at the same time. Then 180 stations in more than thirty countries, at the initiative of 3FM DJ Sander Hoogendoorn, played the song you’ll never Walk Alone By Jerry and defibrillators. This measure was intended to encourage employees in vital professions during the Corona pandemic.

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