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YouTube wants to make it easier for video makers to provide videos to non-native speakers, so it will integrate the dubbing out loud tool into its video platform. Aloud is a combined transcription, translation and speech tool.

Aloud It is the startup company Google whose team will move to YouTube, says the latter against the edge. The Aloud team will integrate the tool within YouTube, so that the tool becomes more widely available. At the moment, the tool is being tested with “hundreds” of creators and three languages ​​are available: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Later, the company wants to add more languages ​​and make the tool more widely available. In addition, the company wants to improve the tool to make the dubbing sound more like the original voice and lip sync. The company expects to be able to take steps in this direction next year.

Aloud Allow users to upload a video with subtitles, which the tool can then translate. If there is no subtitle, the tool can also rip the video. The creator can then check this written widget again. Later it translates the text out loud and the tool syncs it, after which the creator can upload the dubbed video. He says out loud that this is possible through steps in phonemic separation, machine translation, and speech synthesis. Thus, video makers can quickly and easily make a video available to a larger audience, say it out loud.

Example of a video dubbed by Aloud. In the video settings, users can choose a different audio track, in this case Spanish.

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