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YouTube has announced more than 30 new features, including the ability to keep the volume constant across videos and fast-forward by pressing and holding the screen. The features will be available to users starting Tuesday.

the The volume function is called “stable volume” It is located in YouTube settings. This is enabled by default and should ensure there are fewer volume differences between YouTube videos. Users can also double the playback speed while watching video by pressing and holding the screen. When the user stops pressing, video playback resumes at normal speed.

Moreover, YouTube offers the possibility Preview thumbnails Which users see more often when searching a video. Users can also use Lock the screenFeature, where the screen no longer responds to inputs to prevent unwanted inputs.

Aside from the video features, YouTube is announcing interface changes, such as merging the Library tab with the account page. This is the “You” tab now and is located instead of the “Library” tab. YouTube will also have a voice search feature, where users can search for music by humming or singing. This feature will be available on Android smartphones in the coming weeks. Finally, the Like and Subscribe buttons light up when the video mentions them, and views and likes are displayed in real time for the first 24 hours.

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