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YouTube has announced some new accessibility options related to subtitles and audio. For example, the Live Captions feature is now generally available, and translated captions will be automatically added to the YouTube app for iOS and Android later this year.

The live subtitles option, which enables automatic creation of subtitles for live broadcasts, is only available in English. In a few months want youtube Made the feature available for more languages, including Dutch. The live caption feature was previously available on channels with more than 1,000 subscribers.

The feature that YouTube can automatically translate foreign subtitles will also be added to the YouTube app on iOS and Android later this year, according to the company. Currently, this option only works on PC. Furthermore, YouTube advertises that it is working on a search option for subtitles. This makes it possible to enter keywords for a video, after which the video automatically moves to the moment when these words appear in the subtitles.

YouTube also says it is testing the ability to assign multiple audio tracks to a video. For example, it should be possible to record audio for a video in multiple languages, so that viewers can choose from different spoken language versions. Video makers can also add an audio clip with an audio description, making the video more accessible for the blind and visually impaired.

Finally, YouTube indicates that it will be possible in the future creators To delegate caption creation to other users. This allows YouTube users to give certain people permission to create subtitles for them. This works differently than Recently closed community commentFeature, because this feature allows any user to add subtitles. The video maker had to approve the subtitles first.

YouTube - Live Streaming Subtitles

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