‘Young women in US urban areas close pay gap’

'Young women in US urban areas close pay gap'

This is clear from a new study Pew Research Center The US Census Bureau’s figures are comparable to those of the Dutch CBS. The researchers looked at the average income among Americans under the age of 30 who work full-time.

Metropolitan areas

In New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles, young women earn relatively more than their male counterparts. In New York and DC, men in those areas receive 102 percent of their earnings. In Los Angeles, income is the same.

In 2019 – the year the data came in – the statistics in other parts of the country with smaller cities were more significant than those of male colleagues in the same age group.

Chairman Venachi

Women are more likely than men to be present, especially in the city of Venachi in the northwestern state of Washington. There they earn 120 percent of what men get. In second place is Morgantown (114 percent) in West Virginia, followed by Bornstable Town, Massachusetts (112 percent) and Florida’s Keynesville (110 percent).

The researchers studied 250 areas in the United States. After 22 places where the income of young women is equal to or higher than that of men, women earn 107 places, 90 to 99 percent of men’s salary. Beyond that, the pay gap was huge.

Mainly local improvement

Statistics show that the gap between young men and women in the United States is slowly closing. In 2000, women between the ages of 16 and 29 earned 83 percent of what men across the country earned, and by 2019 it was 93 percent.

However, the progress is mainly local, so it is among the youth. “There is progress, but not yet on board,” says career coach Kathy Cabrino New York Post“We’re far from where we should be.” Excluding age, American women are still earning just 82 percent of what men earned in 2019.

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