You must turn off these three functions immediately

You must turn off these three functions immediately

iOS 16 just came out and it has a lot of cool features that you can try. However, Apple also has some functions that are turned on by default that you don’t want to use. In these iPhone tips, we are showing 3 features of iOS 16 that you should turn off immediately.

3 Features of iOS 16 You Should Turn Off Immediately

iOS 16 gives iPhone (old) a new look with great new functions. Think, for example, of a new lock screen that finally gives you more freedom to set a cool wallpaper.

Lock screen emoji for iOS 16

still put iOS 16 Also a number of jobs by default that don’t necessarily wait for it. In these iPhone tips, we will show you three functions that you can better turn off.

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1. Remove the Home Screen Search button

Since iOS 16, a new search button has appeared on the home screen and the button (with dots) for switching between tabs has disappeared. But you don’t need the new search button at all. You can search your iPhone at any time by swiping down with your finger in the middle of the screen. So, just turn off the button, and you can do it in the following way.

Disable Search button on your iPhone in iOS 16

2. Turn off personalized recommendations and tips on iPhone

When you browse the App Store, you regularly see recommendations, tips, and ads for other apps on your iPhone. This is because there is an option (default) that gives Apple permission to do so. That’s why it’s best to turn off this setting.

  • go to settings’;
  • Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen;
  • Choose “Media & Purchases > Show Account”;
  • Turn off the “Custom recommendations” slider and tap Done.
Customized recommendations

3. Ask to contact the contact points

You may have experienced this: You are walking around town and when you check your iPhone, you are asked if you want to connect to a hotspot. This is not necessary at all, especially if you have a large data plan. It is also safer not to connect to public hotspots.

You can set your iPhone to stop asking at all. In these iPhone tips, we’ll show you exactly how to do just that.

  • Press “Settings”;
  • Go to “Wifi” and scroll down;
  • Press “Request contact”;
  • Then choose the “Off” option.
Connect the hotspot, turn off iOS 16

More iPhone Tips for iOS 16

Of course, there are also cool new features in iOS 16. Do you still have to install the latest version of the operating system? then take 4 Useful iPhone Tips Before Installing iOS 16 there for a while. Are you more interested in the new iOS 16 features? Then check out the article below!

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