“You look like a Pixar character!”

Tim den Besten en Sarah van Soelen

Sarah van Soolen stirs things up with her cover photo for Beau Monde. Many people are amazed at why she appears on the cover in the first place and why there is such excessive portrayal.

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Never before has the Beau Monde cover released so much plastic as this month. Sarah van Soelen apparently gave the job to be pulled first through Photoshop. Her breasts in particular look very unnatural, according to VPRO presenter Tim den Besten.

A picture or a drawing?

Sarah, who has previously been charged with a crime cliched Seems on this cover, Tim is getting over it now. “Sarah Van Solen is on the cover of the new Beau Monde. Is this a picture or is this a drawing? What do you think?” he asks on his show Van Kaag to Kardashian.

“I think it’s computer graphics,” co-host Krista Arens then said.

“You look like a Pixar character!”

Tim: “That’s not normal, right? I just don’t get it. Don’t you look like a Pixar character or something? Look, those boobs look a bit out of a party store. That you have foamy boobs.”

Krista: But why did she appear on the cover of Beaumond?

Tim: “Ah. It’s of course Sarah Van Solen! Ehhh…well, because she was dealing with André Hazes. That is it.”

“I have his number!”

Krista: “Okay.”

Tim: “Do you want to be on the cover of Beau Monde?”

Krista: “So do I have to n**k André Hazes or not.”

Tim: “I have his phone number.”

Krista: “No, thanks.”

cover photo

Cover Photo:

From Cage to Kardashian

The third episode of Van Kag Tut Kardashian:

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